Waterford Estate (Kevin Arnold) ‘1988 Kept Aside’ Chardonnay 2017 CWG (fles)


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Prestige CWG wijn, zeldzaam!

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De laatste CWG wijn van Kevin Arnold!

Fruit selected from within a single vineyard underwent natural alcoholic fermentation in 300 litre Burgundy barrels. Malolactic fermentation was prohibited and the wine was allowed to age on the gross lees for 11 months. No fining or filtration on this wine.

A special and unique vineyard on the Waterford Estate property, planted in 1988 making it one of the oldest Chardonnay vineyards in the country. This vineyard was registered as a single vineyard in 2012, which ensures that the traceability of the wine can only go back to the original 5.8-hectare block. The soils are comprised of red clay (Hutton) as well as large granite deposits and parent material found throughout the clay profile. The clay adds structure to the wine, while the granite produces great minerality and finesse to the overall presentation.


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