The Drift Farm Comfort Zone “Whole Bunch Tinta” 2016 CWG (fles)


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We are told it’s difficult to “step out of your comfort zone”. I don’t have that problem because there’s nothing comfortable about making your living as a farmer. There’s nothing comfortable about our poisonous legacy of apartheid and colonialism. There’s nothing comfortable about the spectre of unsustainable land restitution. I am diligently searching for that elusive comfortable life, for hope and stability and incorruptible politicians. But I do find comfort in the fight well fought, and in planting trees whose shade will grace my great-grandchildren. I find comfort in making unusual, joyful wines and drinking my fellow guild members’ wines. Welcome to the zone.

83% Tinta Barocca, 8.5% Barbera, 8.5% Monastrell




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