Springfontein Daredevil’s Drums Skins Agleam 2017 (fles)


1 fles

Bijzondere wijn van sauvignon blanc!


Fascinerende wijn van sauvignon blanc! Slechts 1194 flessen van gemaakt.

This wine has captivating floral, spicy and tropical aromas on the nose. The palate shows minerality freshness and delicate acidity, which is completed with slight tannins in the middle. The intriguing aromas and taste profile makes this wine ideal partner for food.
Whole bunches of Sauvignon blanc fermented under Carbonic Maceration.
Optimally ripe grapes were selected and harvested by hand and left to cool down in cold room overnight. The bunches were carefully placed in small pressure tanks and immediately saturated with carbon dioxide gas using dry ice. This removed all the other air, and without any oxygen present no yeast fermentation could take place. After 2 weeks under carbon dioxide gas enzymatic intracellular fermentation started. This process breaks down malic acid and produces small amount of alcohol. After another 2 weeks of enzymatic fermentation with about 1.5% alcohol formed the carbon dioxide was released and air/oxygen naturally went into the tank and yeast fermentation started from indigenous yeast species. After fermentation the bunches were pressed and the wine put in 1st fill and 3rd fill barrels for malolactic fermentation. After malolactic fermentation the wine was matured for 9 months on yeast lees with battonage the first 2 months.

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