Pella Koueveld Petit Verdot 2014 (doos)


Doos 6 flessen.

Krachtige, unieke petit verdot, zeldzaam!


Koueveld Petit Verdot 2014

Hand harvested, sorted and de-stemmed. Vines est. 2005, on the valley floor; it thrives in the cold temperatures that submerge it, hence the name ‘Koueveld’, meaning ‘Cold-Field’ in Afrikaans. Yielding 3.5 tons per hectare. Vineyard benefits from a cool microclimate, with deep, weathered granite and ‘Koffieklip’ soils. Harvested periodically to ensure fermentation occurs on skins with a ripe tannin structure. Fermented at a maximum of 28’C, followed by 3 weeks post maceration. Manual punch downs are carried out on a daily basis until fermented dry. Manual Basket press is used. Aged for 18 months in predominately French oak barrels.


Layers of blackcurrant, raspberry and violet, with leathery undertones, lead to a rich, highly extracted palate, with ripe tannins and a lengthy finish.


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