Pella Oukliprand Malbec 2017 (fles)


1 fles.

Krachtige, unieke malbec, zeldzaam!


Hand harvested, sorted and de-stemmed. Riddled with ancient stone artefacts, these vineyards flourish side by side with Acheulean tools, dating back over 40,000 years ago; That is were the name ‘Oukliprant’ is derived from, meaning ‘old stone ridge’.East-facing slope. Yielding 4.5 tons per hectare. Vineyard benefits from a cool microclimate, with deep, weathered granite soils. Harvested periodically to ensure fermentation occurs on skins with a ripe tannin structure. Cold soak for 8 days at 9’C and fermented at low temperatures . Manual punch downs are carried out on a daily basis until fermented dry. Manual Basket press is used. Aged for 15 months in predominately French oak barrels.


Layers of black cherry, pomegranate and plum, enhanced by a soft , velvety texture, with gamey and cocoa undertones.


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