Pakket Julien Schaal Single Vineyards Chardonnay (doos)


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Drie Single Vineyard topwijnen van Julien Schaal

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Pakket met 3 verschillende chardonnays van Julien Schaal, elk 2 flessen:


This Chardonnay come from a exclusive single block in Upper Hemel-en-Aarde. The soil is predominantly Malmesbury Shale (a duplex structure). The top layer consists of a mixture of clay (15-30%) and gravel (ironstone and granite particles) and the lower layer is clay shale, which secures a source of moisture. The valley is surrounded and sheltered by a mountain barrier, formed by Galpin Peak (810 meters) and the Tower of Babel (1200 meters), which traps the cloud cover and moisture brought in from the sea by the prevailing wind.


A Single Vineyard
The vineyard is situated in Elandskloof, an isolated valley north of Villiersdorp. This valley is 5km wide and is surrounded by a steep mountain range that rises 1km from the valley floor.
The steep topography causes the valley to receive less direct sunlight due to the overshadowing mountains. is, together with the elevation of 600 to 800m above sea level, equates to a very cool climate  for the valley.


A Single Vineyard
The vines here are probably the oldest in the appellation and they yield fine, concentrated grapes. The Elgin, the ‘Cape’s coolest’, climate helps to conserve a fine natural acidity. The soil is a very stony red clay. The gentle, north-facing slope of the vineyard aides the long and even ripening-process. This region has a unique climate and topography, consisting of an upland basin plateau, surrounded by mountain ranges on all sides.



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